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iPhone app Design & IA

Image of the app spotting a venue

Artspotter allows you to discover and engage with exhibitions, venues, and street art world-wide.

When we first met, we saw a young start-up company with huge potential, and were very excited about helping them on their way. Raphaëlle Heaf, the Founder of Artspotter has a determination that matches our own so there was no doubt that we'd make a good team.

Artspotter already had a version 1 of the app, people were using it, and Artspotter's funding and PR was growing. We worked closely with Raphaëlle and her team to build on the existing Artspotter brand. We started by creating moodboards of the digital brand and style, we firmed up colour palettes and typography, introduced texture, defined iconography, and into the finer detail like how images would be handled.

We then went onto wireframing the app — in this case all wireframes were sketched (rather apt). Strategy, flows, and whole sections were challenged, and the whole app reworked into something much more mature, social, and discovery-led than that of version 1.

Once the entire team were happy, we progressed to pixel design. Using our original moodboards as reference of the core brand, paired with our knowledge of designing specifically for the iPhone, it soon came together.

We will continue to work with Artspotter, consulting on design, UI improvements and additions, and help them through this crucial time where they're really getting the recognition they deserve.

2 screens from the Artspotter iPhone app 2 screens from the Artspotter iPhone app 2 screens from the Artspotter iPhone app 2 screens from the Artspotter iPhone app

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The milkman

Concept & Design for .net

The Milkman Screenshot 1

The milkman is a concept created thanks to a brief set by .net magazine. The idea was published in issue 209, and although it still remains conceptual we believe it has the potential to really save the independent milkman trade.

Milkmen, like local food shops selling fresh produce, are dwindling in numbers and we would just hate to see this traditional service disappear. Milkmen work mainly on paper: they have a book in which they keep everything tallied up, while customers write notes and stick them in the top of returned bottles.

What if we were to create a service that made everything easier for both the milkman and the customer?

We would need a back-end that can match customers to their local milkman via postcodes. The customer could then manage their orders and payments, and the milkman and dairy suppliers would know their numbers. Payment would be automatic, meaning one less job (and a lot less worry) for the milkman.

We would love such a service. We rely on the local corner shop for milk, meaning we're tied to their opening hours; our schedule is always hectic and can take us away from home or office a lot — We’d love nothing more than to be able to make sure we can have a cup of tea on our return from a few weeks away.

Other than supermarkets delivering goods, we’ve only seen one other site offering anything similar: Milk and more. The problem is that it’s for a brand. We should instead be supporting milkmen who want to stay self employed.

We're thinking of the bigger picture here — this is all of our country’s milkmen being taken care of, offering a great service to their customers, and ultimately staying around for many more decades to come.

The Milkman Screenshot 2 The Milkman Screenshot 3 The Milkman Screenshot 4

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Breast Cancer Care


Breast Cancer Care Screenshot 1

One of the UK’s best known charities, came to us to get that online brand presence they knew was within their reach.

An incredibly well known and respected brand already, Breast Cancer Care, knew that their current website wasn’t quite keeping up with their strong offline presence. We worked with them to bring that strength and personality back into the website.

Their team had been hard at work on reorganising the current site, and creating wireframes of what they had in mind, based on their experience and user feedback.

We worked alongside their digital team and in-house designer to truly understand their brand presence across all media, before starting to look at how this could be translated online.

We held many meetings to discuss our thoughts and recommendations to a number of key members across all teams, making sure we met the requirements and aspirations of each.

We looked at how to give each event, usually a sub-brand, its own personality without taking it out of context of the rest of the site. We looked at the potentials with colour, associating the informational content they have into coloured categories reflecting what they do offline (this was implemented in a very minimal way, as not to take away form the core, recognised colour palette).

We created a large number of design templates, and covered many different styles and types of module that they could incorporate to work with their chosen CMS.

A hugely satisfying project for both us, and Breast Cancer Care. We’re hoping to continue our relationship with them moving forward, helping them to optimise their code and implementation where we can, and help to keep the content and design as strong as it can be.

Breast Cancer Care Screenshot 2 Breast Cancer Care Screenshot 3

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Branding & Design

Locality Screenshot 1

Locality was created by a merger between Development Trust Association and Bassac, two community practitioners based in London.

After a number of naming workshops with Public Life, we were then employed to create the Locality brand. Starting with the marque itself we ran the client through all of our thinking, from sketches and shapes, experiments and custom tweaks of logotypes, through to our proposed marque.

We then went onto testing the scalability of the marque and making many refinements, defining the core typeface, and the all important use of colour and palettes.

We created an illustration style that they could use throughout their communications, helped them with language, designed templates for their printed stationery – all of which was put into a (rather beautiful) brand guidelines document. We then went on to design a number of simple website templates.

The team at Locality were extremely pleased with their new brand, and we were very honored to be part of it’s creation for such a great charity. We hope to continue to work with Locality, to help further shape and add to their brand communications in future.

Locality Screenshot 2 Locality Screenshot 3

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Livability Screenshot 1

Working in collaboration with Public Life, we were responsible for the visual look and feel of the new Livability website.

Due to government cuts in funding, and the disabled now being given personal budgets to spend as they please, Livability found themselves having to rework the mission of the organisation which in turn meant changing the main purpose of their website.

They now found themselves having to sell their services directly to the disabled, their carers and family, and put more emphasis on raising funds through donations.

The site needed to feel very easy to use, with clear sections of content, readability of all information and obvious functionality a must.

The brand needed “warming up” from what they had, which was rather cold and stark. We wanted to add personality to the online brand, while always keeping content the priority.

Livability Screenshot 2 Livability Screenshot 3 Livability Screenshot 4

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